Teaching Teens & Adults with Autism and similar disabilities to Interact safely with police

Emily has been dedicated to the issue of Safety for more than a decade. This is an issue that needs a two-sided approach: Training for law enforcement and training youth with autism and similar disabilities to interact safely with police. In response to this need she developed two evidence-based programs:  Experience Autism® for law enforcement and BE SAFE The Movie for youth, families and educators.

BE SAFE The Movie is a DVD that uses video modeling to show teens and adults how to interact safely with the police in different everyday encounters. Seven episodes teach skills including following laws to stay out of trouble, following instructions from the police, self-disclosure of disability and the right to remain silent.

BE SAFE Teaching Edition includes BE SAFE The Movie plus a Companion Curriculum with more than 300 pages of differentiated activities, materials, goals and resources to help a wide range of learners master the key safety skills of BE SAFE.

These item and self-disclosure cards can be purchased at www.BeSafeTheMovie.com

We also offer two exceptional training events related to BE SAFE.

A BE Safe Certificate Course builds capacity for parents, educators and police to use the BE SAFE materials to teach learners with diverse language and cognitive abilities.

A BE SAFE Interactive Movie Screening brings together local police and the disability community to get to build relationships and skills for interacting with one another

Please visit www.BeSafeTheMovie.com to learn more

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