Be Safe The Movie

Training the Police to recognize and respond to people with ASD is one part of the safety solution. Safety training for people with ASD is the other ESSENTIAL piece of the puzzle. Visit for more information about the new video modeling...

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Law Enforcement Collaboration

Collaborating with local law enforcement agencies is a key to safety in the community. Emily is grateful for the many years she has worked with LAPD professionals as the Autism Awareness Project Manager for the Autism Society of Los Angeles (a volunteer position!)....

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Leadership and Service

President, Autism Society of America Los Angeles Chapter. Leadership position since 2006 in autism advocacy organization. Program developer, project manager, and lead trainer of the Autism Society-Los Angeles Police Department Autism Awareness Training, 2007-present....

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Getting the Word Out

Emily is ready to raise awareness about ASD, in English or Spanish. She has done many TV appearances, as well as newspaper and radio interviews. Video and excepts will come to the site soon.

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Emily Iland, M.A. is an award-winning author, advocate, researcher, and leader in the autism field. She is the mother of a young man with ASD and brings personal experience and insight to her professional roles. Emily is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of...

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Drawing A Blank

This practical and well-researched resource provides educational professionals and parents with the tools to improve comprehension for good decoders who have reading comprehension difficulties, as well as readers who struggle with both decoding and comprehension. In...

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